Celebrations and holiday observances are unique to every family. They are the times and events that anchor our years and work to establish our memories, prompting us to share stories of absent loved ones and observe long-held traditions, all of which combine to enrich us and give us a sense of who we are. Here, I hope to share a bit of how my family sets time apart as special, even for seemingly insignificant events, and how we remember and recognize our loved ones. Join us as we commemorate life and embrace one another.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just a Random Thought

This evening, after dinner out to mark our upcoming 26th anniversary, my family and I ran an errand to Walmart.  Shortly after entering the store, we were accosted by aisle after aisle of Christmas paraphernalia --- gift wrap, lighted lawn ornaments, wreaths, etc.  Amongst all the merchandise, I spied a display of large ornaments that, I kid you not, reminded me of those little cartoon bombs that Wiley Coyote used to use in his efforts to kill the Road Runner.  The ornaments were the same shape, the same size, and they had the same little "knob" on top where the fuse would be attached.  In case you have never seen one of these cartoon incendiary devices, they look like this:

So, doesn't this look the same?  Seriously, can you see the resemblance?  Sorry.  Just a random thought.  Not very Christmas-y, I know.  Just random.

Photo by King Richard

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